Speaking of Fileshare.com …….

I had recommended Fileshare.com (who then changed their name to Foldershare.com) in 2005 .. since then Foldershare got acquired by Microsoft (MSFT) .. I wish I had gotten in on that investment.

I haven’t been able to figure out how MSFT plans to roll out Foldershare. Early reports were that it would be part of Vista – something that did not happen. Vista uses Groove for Foldershare-like functionality, and I must say that it is nowhere close to the original. The only plus of MSFT acquiring Foldershare is that they removed all restrictions on usage (such as synchronizing only x number of folders/files across computers). I use Foldershare till date for all my file sync/access across computers and it is awesome. It can be downloaded from Foldershare.com

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