Firefox’s killer feature

I moved over to the Mozilla world quite a while ago, but am still forced to use IE now and then when some sites do not support Firefox (are they being lazy or just in cahoots with MSFT?).

In addition to the speed and better usability of Firefox, I think the one feature that always makes me click Firefox and not IE (not that I have thought about moving over to IE too many times) when I am using the internet is the comfort in knowing that even if I have to kill Firefox or if it unexpectedly shuts down, it always saves my session, and all my windows can be reloaded. This is a crucial feature for someone with ADD (like me) who has at least 15 windows/tabs open at any given time in the day.

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One Response to Firefox’s killer feature

  1. UPDATE: Switched over to Chrome sometime in 2009 and have been using it ever since.

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