Battery battery battery

The Nexus 5 has the best Android experience but I ended up buying the LG G2 which is the sibling of and the inspiration for the Nexus 5. I have been using the phone for a week and it works very well even without being on the latest OS (KitKat). The best feature of the G2? Battery life. The phone has a 3000 mah battery as compared to the 2300 mah that Google compromised for the Nexus 5. Doesn’t sound like a huge difference on paper, but in real life usage while most people are getting 12-14 hours of regular usage on their Nexus’, I get close to 30 hours on my phone. YMMV based on how you use the phone, but my usage is constant – phone calls/messaging/emails/downloading apps.

It’s nice to live without battery anxiety. It’s a matter of 12-18 months before other phone manufacturers start bumping up battery specs to the G2. Good job LG on making a great phone.

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